MAR-MAR Earmuff Head phone

 This is a earmuff in which head phone is embedded. The connect part can be folded, so when we do not use it, we can easily fold this earmuff and put it in a bag without using so much space.

Also, since the connect part can be twisted, we can change the shape of earmuff in four different ways, and choose the best way to use; in addition to usual style, front style, back style, just-fit style.

There are also many color variations.

I think this design is desirable, since it is really useful, cute, and make our cold winter a little bit easy to survive and enjoyable for everyone.

This is a earmuff-like head phone, and the design seems to set its target mainly girls. However, I think if they create more head phone like earmuff, it will become popular for boys, too.