Our restaurant’s concept is “Usual Day can be Special”.
“She” is an office worker who works every weekday till 7pm. She got married recently, but since both she and her husband are working from morning to evening, they cannot have enough time to talk about how their every day is going.

So, one day, they decide to go to a restaurant which one of their friends in CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) started running to have dinner together.

The interior of the restaurant is home like and cozy. The wall and furniture are made of woods. The classical jazz music is played. They do not feel forced to talk, but naturally enjoy talking and having a good time.

At the last of the dinner course, the chef, who is a mutual friend of the couple comes to their table, and makes an instant special dessert; Crepe Suzette. He uses an liqueur and fire it up. It seems a small magic.

While they walk back to home, she thinks, usual day can be special with an amazing dinner experience.