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Practice Challenge by Kimi Fafowora

What if you could indulge in your guilty pleasures without feeling guilty after? Through the use of molecular gastronomy, the food at Nine satiates your taste buds while benefitting your health.

Upon your arrival, you are welcomed to the anteroom where you decide between four dining experience categories.-each of which are associated with a sensation and contain several meal courses. A dining curator also stands by ready to engage in dialogue about each choice and help you find the best fit for your interests. 

Once your table is ready, you enter into the glass elevator and ascend to the dining area. After being lead to your seat, your sensory adventure begins immediately as courses are brought to you once you are seated. The circular structure of the room further eliminates any wait time as you will always be able to see and summon your server towards your table.

With a 360 degree view of your beloved city, you enjoy each course and the feeling of euphoria it brings until the experience is over and you descend the room and leave excited to tell you’re friends about this new restaurant. 

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