Our restaurant experience is essentially an attempt to make healthy food experience sexy. Using the same gambits of the fast-food industry, we intend to “arouse” the consumer into the “lure” of healthy food. The way we intend to do this is by creating an ambiance that “exploits” these psychological trigger points. Triggers such as:

• Color schemes and Lightings that rouse appetite
• Provocative images (that hits them subconsciously towards believing the food to be sexually gratifying- a tactic long used by the fast food industry)
• Upbeat energetic “club-like” music that gives the place a youthful feel.
• Upscale ambiance with flowing bright colored silk drapes, fancy chandeliers,  and indoor garden-like ambiance.

The entire experience is aimed towards greater involvement, the place will use minimal technology, there will be no “smart menus” on iPads. the aim is to get people immersed in the entire experience. The place allows them to indulge themselves in raw curiosities.

We don’t want this place to be a weird “Organic Vegan bar”, rather we want it to be an upscale sexy restaurant that serves high quality healthy food.  A place you’d be proud to share on your Facebook wall, where you’d be excited to go for fine-dining experiences with your friends and family.