Often times, after getting sick of trying to accomplish work in my house dining hall, I often head to the newest Harvard Square Starbucks adjacent to the Harvard Square T Station main entrance.  Upon entering the second level, I rarely find a seat and once I get settled, the Wifi is often too slow to accomplish work.  So why do I (and many others) flock to this particular Starbucks?  The main reason is that this particular Starbucks is a place to be seen flocking to.  Upon entering, the coffee shop appears to be just like many of its other sisters in this popular chain, a place to order an overpriced caffeinated beverage and get out to return to a hectic lifestyle.  However, this particular Starbucks is different.  It has a staircase that is fairly well hidden behind the main preparation station that leads to another scene.  The second floor appears to be well hidden, however, it is almost always completely full.  It features a coffee bar, appealingly and comfortable furniture and a library style decor scheme.  This Starbucks caters to the in-and-out crowd it often attracts in its others stores, but it also creates an environment in which the trendy people of multiple generations can meet others and be seen writing the next great screenplay.