In the busy and chaotic lifestyles of college students and young professionals, the simple everyday decisions are often those that default to whatever is “easiest.”  This is a restaurant experience which aims to capture a healthy and fast lifestyle, while providing a refreshing environment.  

Differentiating itself from simply being a “sourcing local” or “vegan/vegetarian” option, this restaurant is one that emphasizes freshness and health through empowering accessibility.  There are no niche food trends, dieting fads, or juice cleanses, but rather an interactive menu (via tablet or in-house specialist) that empowers the customer to make a healthy choice based on what they want the food to do for them. The menu lists general categories such as “Restore,” “Energize,” or “Satisfy” and then leads the customer to varying nutritional and caloric options. The overall experience welcomes both those new to consciously eating healthy and those who have tried every fad diet on the books, and ultimately leaves the customer feeling refreshed.