Practice Challenge!

The Challenge: Design a desirable restaurant experience
Week 1 (with reveals on Mon, 2/3) 
What you need to do/create:
  • The ‘desirability target’ is you and your partner
  • Mood board (fits on 1 page, physical or digital)
  • Experience ‘timeline’ from start to finish (fits on 1 spread/1-2 pages, physical or digital)
  • Be sure to tell us how your idea is original, useful, desirable (and to whom)
  • Upload your work to the Tumblr by 9am Mon 2/3, tagged with #PracticeChallenge, and each of your names (first initial+last name, e.g. #BAltringer). For more detailed tips on Tumblr posting, see the email we sent out 1/30.
  • Prepare your 1 min presentation (be sure to practice, we’ll be tight on timing)

Here are some handy tools related to the Practice Challenge. Tips on mood boards, some food for thought (ha) on experience design for restaurants, some sharable digital tools that can be used for mood boards (definitely check out – it’s useful for future projects too)

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