My first instinct was to post the latest gadget that I found desirable, but I wanted to portray a different slant on desirability than I expected to see in the class. This movie poster epitomizes everything my 5 year old desires, combining his obsession with Legos with his love for watching movies. Those two things would have been enough, but they layer on an explosion, Batman, a ninja, a spaceman, a giant robot, aliens and spaceships, etc. He will literally spend an hour looking at this thing, will then spend twenty minutes pointing everything out to me, and then asks me every day if we can go see this movie. I must admit that I will be happy to take him because it appeals to me in several ways: my paternal instinct to bond with my son, my own nostalgia for a childhood spent with Legos, and the tagline that hints at humor and a classic tale of the everyman that becomes a hero.