I think we’ve all seen these around…

Canada Goose is a brand that has been successful at selling fashionable “warmth.” Something that is moderately affordable and relatively stylish when compared to typical associations of a winter jacket as marshmallow puff.

A brand that markets “authenticity”— using Arctic cold standards as a supportive advertising device as well as authentic goose fill which is stated to be far more superior to it’s impersonators or brands that use inferior/ unhygienic fill. Is Goose down really the optimal fill? Seems CG sells that Idea. I suppose there is the element of the exotic, and the notion of scarcity as we know it in that these coats contain “rare” Goose down. What’s the obsession with geese any way? Grey Goose anyone?

Conversely, they have become so ubiquitous; some people may choose to opt for another brand so they won’t appear to be following the flocks (don’t mind the pun) of people who apparently can’t resist the hype. 

They actually just got bought out by Bane Inc., an indicator of strong market share maybe?  Who doesn’t want to stay warm in today’s Northeastern U.S. climate? I know I couldn’t resist the urge to get one myself.