by post_author


The 512 BBi isn’t necessarily the flashiest Ferrari, and it sure isn’t new, experiencing it’s heydey in the mid 80’s. But the desirability of the rare version of the 512 in this scenario comes from context: an architect’s glass garage in the Hollywood Hills. This video is not a representation of the car as a vehicle, but as the centerpiece of a lifestyle; a retroactively high fashion living with the car framed by clean lines and a highly intellectual library of books. Too many people have 2010’s Ferraris to the point that we associate them more with Justin Bieber and Chris Brown than the European racetrack. The exclusivity and desirability is in the presentation of a contemporary Miami Vice lifestyle, perched in the Hollywood Hills, but separated from the more mainstream paparazzi targeted Ferraris down on Sunset. Regardless, it is a Ferrari, and it is Hollywood, but it appears even more exclusive than award show afterparties and the overly-flamboyant mansions in West LA because it seems intellectual, and the placement of the car as an artpiece in a glass case automatically demands some sort of rare respect.

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