Little Printer | digital meets physical

by post_author

I stumbled across BERG’s Little Printer back when it was just a concept that seemed improbably far on the horizon. I checked back on it recently, to find that it’s finally on sale… for about $260. It’s a hefty price at the moment, but I’m hoping that future developments can make it far more accessible. 

I see Little Printer as a wonderful attempt to bridge the gap between the digital and the physical. Connected to the Web, Little Printer prints out a sort of receipt-style personal newspaper. Through their app, you can choose what publications you want to be delivered and when you want them to be printed: your daily to-do list, the weather, newspaper headlines, Sudoku puzzles. Your friends can even send messages to be printed at home on your Little Printer (such as reminders to buy milk, perhaps). 

I love this idea. So much. As much as I find myself inseparable from my iPhone, I am so excited by the idea of bringing these things we often digitally interact with to a physical form. The potential of this product is still up in the air. It’s currently UK-centric and quite expensive for what it is. But as more and more websites create their own publications with Berg’s developer kit, and as the price hopefully drops in the future, I think this has the potential to be huge. I certainly want my own Little Printer. 

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