Method has done an incredible job of creating a name for itself. Every aspect of the laundry detergent is designed for the user’s experience, taking into account the desires and motivations of each consumer. It is simple to use: rather than measuring out detergent and getting lots of sticky blue goop on the outside of a bottle, it takes just four easy pumps to do a load of laundry. Method also promotes itself as a green detergent: 95% natural, biodegradable, with a small, recyclable bottle.

While the overall message of the company is well-targeted and user-centric, this extends even to the small details of their product. At the end of the bottle, there is even a message about how to get every drop. The straw itself is bent at an angle, solving the frustration we’ve all experienced with pump-based products. I was struck by this attention to each detail of the user’s experience, in something so seemingly un-cool as laundry detergent.