Guerrilla Marketing | Short Shorts



I’ve come across several guerrilla marketing campaigns lately, and this one particularly caught my eye. By placing raised letters at the edge of public benches, Superette was able to indent their message on the thighs of women wearing short shorts themselves, making consumers (and potential consumers) walking advertisements. 

While this could potentially seem invasive, I think the general reaction has been to acknowledge it as an incredibly clever campaign. Guerrilla marketing, as a whole, creates advertising in unexpected places. While it may reach less people than traditional posters, billboards, or print media, guerrilla marketing has the potential to leave a much higher impact on those that do come into contact with it. Additionally, there is a great interest online for these kinds of advertising campaigns, even entire web galleries of clever advertising. This enables guerrilla marketing to have impact far beyond the people that locally experience it. 

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