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Our product, dip’d, is a new twist on the classic heel, made by dipping the heel into another color. The shoe will become iconic as the other two-toned shoes have become, since it highlights the part of the high-heel that is most important—the heel. Chanel made the cap-toe heel, Louboutin made the different color bottom, and we are dipping the heel to help women reach new heights of fashion. The product launch involves the neon heel, something to add a pop of color and kick of fun to your old heels.

Branding Strategy: 

Drawing on the imagery of dipping strawberries in chocolate, we are focusing on the idea that “everything is better when dipped.” We are telling the story of combining two great things by dipping one into the other.  We also are aligning ourselves with the iconic brands of Chanel and Louboutin, who played with the classic pump to spice up women’s shoes. Like these luxury brands, a colored heel will make our shoes identifiable and recognizable. Our commercial would actually show the process of dipping the heel, a cool visual for consumers to have. Finally, we are adding our iconic shoe to already iconic images, showing that the old black and white image can be made better by our shoe. Women will fall head over heels for these new dip’d shoes.