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You race to the lecture; you’re late for the conference. You haven’t even had your morning coffee, and your head is already starting to ring. You find the thermos of coffee and pour it into a paper cup, thankful that at least the conference coffee hasn’t run out yet. As you race into the lecture hall, you see the dreaded sign posted on the door.

“No food or beverages.”

Bob is a travel mug that is completely spill-proof—and completely delightful. Based on Weebles, the whimsical childhood toys that couldn’t fall over, Bob is a weighted travel mug that can not spill. Unlike current reusable containers with two-piece screw-caps, Bob has a flap you can open and close with one hand—eliminating tops that can be lost and caps that aren’t on properly.

Bob is green—it reduces waste from paper and (oh! the horror!) Styrofoam cups, and is a spill-proof improvement to the boring design of current reusable mugs.

Bob eliminates the need for posted signs at Conferences and lecture halls. Everyone will have a Bob, and everyone will be free to enjoy coffee during lectures, during shows, during symphonies and during class.