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One of the biggest global challenges of our generation is the shortage of housing in urban areas. Whether in developed or developing countries, more and more people are pursuing the city lifestyle and family sizes are shrinking.

Icons are often powerful and symbolic because they capture or embody a moment in history, hoping to incite change. POD seeks to do this by being the symbol for a new, enlightened form of living that is sustainable in the face of global consumption, flexible for the flux of urban life, and social as an alternative to being another anonymous neighbor. 

POD will become an icon of the arrival of the global urbanite’s home. It is a “pod” in the sense that it is cozy and in alluding to the idea of a futuristic ship, a vehicle of progress and innovation in housing.

Our three part strategy is Scale, Space, and Signal.

Scale: Inform the people of a city, starting with NY, of the arrival of a new housing type.

Space: Floor plans drawn on places with pedestrian thoroughfare will smoothly invite people to imagine themselves living in PODs.

Signal: Make the message viral and catch the attention of all denizens of NYC.