What I’ve Got: Smart Fork

by post_author

Dieting has become even more creative with the commercialization of the HAPIfork. It is based on the idea that eating slower would make you intake fewer calories and maintain a healthier diet. The fork works via capacitative touch and can be customized to vibrate every set of seconds (for example 10). If you eat too fast, if the fork touches your touch more than once every 10 seconds, it vibrates inside your mouth, creating a slight shock sensation that you’d want to avoid later on. Information is also transfered regarding what you’ve eaten to smartphone devices. 

However, would this fork really work? It has all the right equipment for people to eat slower but would the user fight ways to cheat this device? (spear food such that you don’t have to touch the fork?) Is it even pretty enough to bring out with you to restaurants and fancy meals, even business lunches. Perhaps…

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