For this article (It’s the End of the Ad as We Know It), I used several strategies that will hopefully help the post gain traction.  The topic of the article is a proposal for an online service that I think would be greatly beneficial if it existed, but requires the coordination of many big players to come to fruition. 

                The headline is specific and urgent, as recommended by the Quicksprout article.  I kept it to below 500 words, as was recommended by Buffer.  The headline is a pop culture reference to the song “It’s the End of the World as We Know It” by REM, a well-known group.  There are also a number of pop culture references throughout the article, particularly to Game of Thrones, Mad Men, and Geico commercials right at the start to make people feel included.

                The content itself is an idea.  I am hoping that people will be motivated to share it regardless of whether they think it will work, to see what their friends think.  It is the type of thing that I would share, but this might be limited to designers and product development nerds.  I actually had it as a startup idea but have decided to instead freely release the idea out into the world and see what happens.  People’s reactions to it will be good feedback on the value of the idea and potential company that would manage the service, so this is an experiment within an experiment.  Also, I thought perhaps this article might become viral because of how unusual it is that people talk about or propose potential company ideas freely in today’s society – even if the content isn’t interesting, perhaps people will find the behavior of the poster interesting.

                Since the weekend is the best time to post according to one of the research articles, I have already posted the article to my personal Tumblr blog and have posted the link to it on my Facebook and Twitter accounts.  I have several significantly influential Facebook friends (could be classified as “tastemakers” in this space), and a few decently followed Twitter followers, but none that I would be close enough to ask to repost or share this; however, perhaps they will be curious enough to click on it themselves.  I am also planning to post this on Hacker News and Reddit, where it might gain more traction.  I will also ask friends of mine to post about it on Reddit; I have noticed that posts tend to be more popular when the poster is not the author of the content.  I’ve installed Disqus for the blog so people can add comments, share, and favorite the post.

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