Lapel Pen

by post_author

Link: Lapel Pen

The standard pen is a simple and plain shape with few defining characteristics beyond its pragmatic design. While maintain its functionality of writing, we aimed to transcend the standard pen’s bland aesthetic so that it can function as both a utilitarian object and an aesthetic object. Looking to the pen’s clip, which might hold it in place within the fabric of a pocket, we altered the pen in order to conceal the rest of the object in order to create the illusion that the object is purely aesthetic.  Our foundation was based in the aesthetic of the lapel pin, which is often based on the shape of a blossom. We sought to develop an organic shape that would be a modern, compelling complement to a pocket. We looked at organic molded shapes – objects that are ergonomically designed for interface with the hand, such as envelope openers and Elsa Peretti jewelry.

We designed a pen with a bulbous top, incorporating the clip as an extension of the organic geometry for much of the instrument’s length. When utilized as a writing device, the clip might act as a comfortable spring on which the thumb can idle. When resting on a pocket edge, the clip will descend over a shirt to create a compelling abstraction, belying its practical origins.

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