Traditional pens roll away. The dimple doesn’t. Sleek design combined with versatile makes this pen functional and chic. The unique water-drop shape makes sure that it will never roll off your desk, making the dimple your always-there companion. Ever had the problem of having a pen but nothing to write on? Not anymore. You can find both the pen and the post-its in the dimple. Better yet, the dimple can customize and tailor cut the post-it to any shape and size desired. Its chic water-drop design is also utilized to straighten out the post-its so that your post-its will always be customized and FLAT. Ever take notes when you are typing but too lazy to put down your pen? Traditional pens are too fat and uncomfortable for this action. However, the dimple has been especially designed to be slim and gel-lined so that transitioning from typing to writing is seamless and painless. For a reliable pen that pre-anticipates and makes your life easier, choose the dimple. It will NEVER roll away from you!

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