What I’ve got: Lapka environment sensors


Lapka is a series of four highly designed sensors than can be plugged into your iPhone transforming it into a little monitoring station. Lapka can measure temperature, humidity levels, radiation levels, EMF (electromagnetic frequencies) and, the most exciting of all, it can measure the level of “organicity” of your food. This means that you can place a small metal sensor on/in your meal and it will detect the level of nitrates, usually present in non-organic fertilizers.

Lapka expands the capacities of the iPhone through these other sensors. But what seems to stand out is its design: the finishes are astonishingly sleek and white, but also combined with wooden pieces – an uncommon material for “techy” objects. The set of four sensors can intelligently be put together as a rectangle to then be disordered and linked through a cord that connects to the iPhone.


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