What I’ve Got: Viral post. Shit Girls Say

by post_author

I was sitting in a coffee shop in Toronto meeting my friend and fellow filmmaker Kyle in 2010. He had just started a twitter feed that was similar to ‘thats what she said’ but he was calling it shit girls say. I asked why… he said his partner asked him for a blanket a few weeks back and they laughed about how girly he sounded. They then started imitating all the funny stuff their female friends say without realizing its hilarious.

In my mind, I thought it was funny, but didn’t really get why he was so excited. And then the snowball started.

A year later – over a million twitter followers, celebrity retweets and a short film in the making with Juliette Lewis (his friend of a friend). This was the first time I’d witnessed something go viral first hand from conception to execution.


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