by post_author

While technology is making it easier and easier to multi-task, it can be harder and harder to focus on one thing. The popularity of applications such as Self Control make this apparent; when people want to be productive, they block themselves from being able to even open websites like Facebook and Twitter. Multi-tasking has become compulsive and addicting, often distracting more than it helps. 

I find a lot of compelling products that are aimed at single-tasking, and Ommwriter stands out among the rest. I had a friend recommend the program to me last year, and it drastically changed the experience of every paper I’ve written since. The program is beautiful and simple, filling up the entire screen with a calming and creative space to type. I particularly appreciate the ambient music and the sounds of typing; they draw me into whatever I’m writing and keep me from switching out of the program or going online. Ommwriter has the capacity to significantly change the way people interact with their work and writing, and it does so in a significantly inspiring way. It cuts down on distractions by being an attractive interface, rather than merely blocking distractions in a punishing way.

Ommwriter is also FREE, which certainly adds to its desirability. It operates on a freemium model; a simple version is free, while people can (and do!) pay to have more options of background photos and sounds. 

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