Challenge 2: Ramp It Up

by post_author

Link: Challenge 2: Ramp It Up


The increasing size of patients leads to increasingly difficult and dangerous surgeries and increasing demands put on health care providers. According to healthcare professionals, the biggest issue encountered in operating on obese patients is the positioning of the head and chest for mask ventilation, laryngoscopy, and intubation. If an endotracheal tube is not inserted at the correct angle, anesthesia won’t reach the lungs and doctors won’t have a clear view of the inside. If the neck isn’t positioned properly, the fat will press down and clog the airway, making surgery painful and potentially life-threatening. With proper upper body and head positioning, we can secure our obese patients and make survival of these procedures much more successful. 

Ramp It Up solves this problem. It ramps up the incline of a hospital bed with ease, making it safe for obese patients, while ramping up surgery success.  Don’t use blankets anymore, Ramp It Up. 

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