Writing a paper in word used to be very distracting, especially when the desire to write the paper is super low. It was only when I started working my thesis that I realized how spaced out I can get. I immediately switched to off mode from what I was doing with every incoming gchat. Every five minutes were spent checking facebook or the latest online sale. Needless to say, my progress was super slow. 

When someone first introduced me to focus view on word, I was a bit skeptical. Some function so simple shouldn’t be useful. However, as it turns out, this function has become the savior of my thesis, effectively clearing out the mess of my multi-tabbed desktop to let me focus on what was important, the word document called my thesis. What is desirable about this app is that it is simple and intuititive. It adheres to only one goal: to allow the user to write documents without distractions, and does it well. I recently found the customize feature which lets one change the background to mahogany or other interesting desktop backgrounds, which makes the case even more compelling for the app.