Online shopping can be overwhelming. There are a lot of options and it is hard to efficiently sort through clothes to find what you want. Moreover, if you have something close to what you want, but not exactly, there is not a clear way to find a near match. “Shopper” solves this problem. 

Say you find a dress you like, but it is out of your price range, or shoddily made, or just not quite right. Shopper allows you to sift through the web to find similar outfits so you can find your dream get up.

Shopper uses image search to find a near match for your outfit. However, while image processing and image search by computers is remarkably good, it is not good enough to distinguish between different styles (ie is this formalwear or casual.) Shopper takes advantage of user tags to let users filter what they want. Users are presented with a number of near matches, and then they can rate and filter those matches to get something closer to their ideal. Utilizing the power of crowd sourcing, shopper give you the fashion you want… whenever wherever. 

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