While on a trip, have you ever roamed aimlessly trying to find a trustworthy restaurant? Have you ever wished you’d asked your friends for that one gallery recommendation he is always talking about? Have you ever wanted to share your favorite shopping recommendations, but never get around to it?

            With Ephemera you can keep, share, and receive recommendations from your friends’ networks while traveling.  Ephemera is unique because it is a platform that allows you to browse your friends’ recommendations. The tagging system goes beyond the concrete and is grouped by more dynamic, abstract notions like walks, views, or experiences. These features are usually not addressed in other travel platforms and hard to locate or express on other platforms.

From our research, travel apps similar to ours, like Triphere, GPSLog, and Tripcolor, are not complete or intuitive. The networks are poorly defined and their post organization is confusing. Comprehensive competitors to Ephemera, like Yelp, are too impersonal because the user puts his trust in a stranger’s opinion.  On the reverse side, a travel blog is created to explain a personal experience rather than recommend. Our platform combines many existing software and is very easy to create.