For a fee, the Fancy Box is a monthly delivery of things, ranging from kitchen supplies to Tshirts to quirky decor items.  The things in a Fancy Box are nonessential items that you probably would not have any justification for buying on a normal basis, but because you’ve subscribed they are delivered to your house without being ordered, per se.  Instead, you select the type of thing you’re interested in, and a curated assortment appears.  The subscription gets people to purchase things they might not otherwise purchase, but it also gamifies the process of purchasing itself, adding surprise into the equation and removing the part of the purchase in which the purchaser actually has to choose.  Furthermore, the box gives, basically meant to curate online shopping, a way to promote items or brands that might not otherwise be as popular, and to get rid of stock without putting it on clearance, etc.  Sort of like “specials” on a menu, The Fancy Box functions as both a showcase and a way of getting rid of excess goods.