With all of our recent discussion of mobile apps and location/time/weather personalization, I was amused to see the non-mobile l’Oreal website today advise me on what make up to wear in rainy Cambridge tonight.** This same feature was basically suggested by the team that remade the Weather App for Challenge #3!

I think this also shows some of the influence widespread use of weather/location/time personalization in mobile apps has had on people’s comfort with that kind of thing. Websites have been able to identify a user’s location for a long time, but I think that up until recently, most people would have found that pretty creepy. Now it seems normal.

**What they don’t know is that I’m currently chilling in the library in pajamas and a sweatshirt, which I don’t exactly think goes with blush and bronzer. You’ll have to wait for Google Glass for that level of privacy violating.