Currently is a weather and time plug in for google chrome when you open a new tab. I’ve had it for a while and have had countless people asking me where they can download or install the same thing. 

The plug in has a very clean and simple interface, and displays time, date, and weather. It is not difficult to see why the plug in is so popular for it contains all the elements of a modern tech design. But to be honest, now that I think about it, I never open up a new tab to check time neither do I open it up in the morning to look at the weather. The app is so simply designed for information that one wouldn’t generally need to seek out for that if someone does, the person would aim for a more complicated representation of data, say, an actual weather site. The uselessness of the plug in doesn’t affect its popularity basically comes down to two facts, we all like pretty and high-tech-looking things and once you install the clean plug in, there is no point to go through the work to deleting it.