What I’ve Got: McDonald’s Collectibles

Hopefully, the neglected box of McDonald’s collectable toys sitting in my attic are still in good condition! These items are desirable because 1) they are a ‘limited time only’ item, 2) they have become collectors’ items, and 3) there’s a new trend of savoring and displaying the old. When McDonald’s in Asia produced their Hello Kitty collectibles, people stood in lines for hours and hours not to buy Big Macs, but to collect each one of the Hello Kitty stuffed animals. Because McDonald’s put a restraint on both time and quantity, people sought to beat the rush. And as human nature dictates, when a lot of people vie for one thing, its value increases and more people join the rush. As more and more tumblr and pinterest posts reminisce the toys of the ’80s and ’90s, people begin searching for discontinued novelties. As the Lion King, Pocahontas, and friends enter the Disney Hall of Fame according to our generation, their McDonald’s toy collectibles also increase in value. I think these collectibles are a great example of how changing times create new definitions for what is desirable.