Starbucks: A Mobile App Experience

Grace Sun, Seema Marwaha

The Starbucks in store experience separates them from their competition. They provide a personalized, comfortable experience, making it no wonder that people often loiter in stores for hours. Knowledgeable and friendly baristas often recommend new drinks and facilitate a great transactional experience. Finally, every Starbucks store is a feast for the senses, with beautifully displayed food, menu options and music.

This experience does not translate to the current mobile application. Pros of the current app are that the interface is simple and easy to use and it provides nutritional information for drinks. It also gives you the ability to pay using your Starbucks card and send gift cards to others.  While we were happy with the functionality of the application, we did not think that the interactive and sensory Starbucks experience was captured to its full potential.

Inspired by a documented trip to Starbucks, we transformed the interface of the application to better reflect the store experience. We added personal touches such as adding drinks to a favorite list and getting barista recommendations. We also made the Starbucks free weekly downloads easier to access. Hope you like it!

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