I’m a huge fan of inspiring YouTube videos. This one, entitled The Holstee Manifesto, is one of my favorites. I share it with friends all the time and think its message is quite desirable–as cheesy as it is, I try to keep this mantra in mind as I go about my daily routine.

Holstee is a Brooklyn-based apparel company, but an inspirational manifesto poster (pictured below) is their most famous product. Many lines of text can stand on their own, but the piece altogether is reminiscent of a call to action, encouraging people to live each day to the fullest.

Lines from the manifesto are featured in this video via cyclists in New York. The video is produced incredibly well with great direction and DP work, and the music fits perfectly. The video and poster both heighten desirability, especially because the statements are so universal (albeit a bit cliche) and the featured people are your typical citizens of NYC.