Challenge 3: Make My Day

by post_author

 Make My Day is the new and improved To-Do application that helps you manage your day and suits your needs—whether it be help planning what to work on first, what time you need to be where, or what tasks you can get done when you’re in a certain location. Make My Day is intuitive, following your natural thought progression as you think of more things you need to do. With features such as prioritizing, location reminders, and “What’s On for Today” notifications, Make My Day helps you make your day more productive, efficient, and eventually relaxing.

Check it out:

And see what we’ve improved:

  1. Navigation tool—People used to have to double click and add information after the fact at the bottom of the screen, rather than automatically giving you the option to set priority, due date, and notes
  2. Reordered information to be more intuitive when keeping track of tasks
  3. Location services—now you get reminders to accomplish things when you’re around the location, instead of making several trips or forgetting
  4. Daily digest is more personalized than looking at your calendar
  5. Widgets to customize user experience
  6. Notifications when you’ve completed your tasks for the day help you feel accomplished and make your day

Why you should download it: 

  • Easy to use
  • Based on Apple Contacts, so most people understand how to use it
  • Follows natural thought progression when reminded of something you need to do
  • Features include prioritizing, planning, location reminders, specialized widgets, and fun messages
  • Doesn’t overload with features people would never use
  • Search and sort by due date, priority, location, etc. to plan out day/week/shopping trip
  • Widgets allow users to customize experience to meet needs

 Give us feedback!

  • Many competing applications– which do you like best?
  • Are you overwhelmed with widgets?

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