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We chose to implement additional functionality to a fitness app called the Nike Training Club. The app allows users to choose a goal, experience level, and workout regimen. However, we found two areas that could be improved.

1.) “Get Started” — We added this functionality to add a sense of comfort for people who have never exercised before. In addition, we added 6 diverse celebrity athletes/trainers to better motivate users and improve the emotional design of the application. While there are current sample workouts from professionals and well-known figures, they don’t remain with the user long-term, which is something we wanted to address.

2.) “Get Better” — We added this functionality because the current workouts were limiting. We broke exercise routines down by sport and position so that athletes who have indeed worked out before could specialize and target their training. This functionality could provide immense value to high school athletes who don’t necessarily have a weight training or conditioning program at their schools.