Challenge 3: Personalization of the Harvard App

by post_author

The Harvard App is a very thorough collection of Harvard’s many functions. A user can search specific categories such as maps, admissions, shuttle tracker, dining, athletics, and events. What the app lacks is a sense of user personalization and specificity. Because the app is a general app that anyone can access, it only provides the bare bones of Harvard’s functions. Our new app allows students to log in with their Harvard HUID number. With this, their account synchs with their Harvard mobile app. Students gain access to their classes, student record, club meetings, athletic schedules, ect.

More specifically we adjusted existing functions to create a more personal experience. The shuttle tracker can now send you text notifications depending on your location on campus and where you need to go. The dining app will allow you to see how busy your preferred dinning halls are. It will also allow you to create a food diary that can count and track your calorie intake. The events folder is now connected with your house news and HoCo announcements. Finally, we added a personal folder that gives you access to your 16 digit HUID number, crimson cash, as well as laundry room viewer. 

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