Challenge #2: IDEO Nasal Gyrus Challenge

by post_author

Link: Challenge #2: IDEO Nasal Gyrus Challenge

Some of the greatest challenges faced by clinicians when tending to overweight and obese patients involve the movement of the patient. Problems range from finding a large enough bed to move the patients through the hospital in and allow them to rest in, to finding ways to exercise the patients and stress test them. All of these problems may seem disparate, yet they can all be solved with one device: the eBed.

The eBed is a hospital bed and transport cart that has sides which unfold to expand the bed size, making the eBed adjustable for larger patients. When folded vertically, the sides can protect the patient during transport and make navigation of the eBed through halls and doorways easier for the hospital staff. Additionally, the eBed comes with foot pedal attachments which, when stationary, can serve as a step for patients to climb into the bed. When the foot pedals are active, they can allow patients to complete stress tests by acting as a stationary bicycle. This accommodates for the patients size and any joint problems they might have. The foot pedals can also facilitate patient stretching and rehabilitation either before or after surgery.

eBed: Rated E for Everyone.

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