What I’ve Got: Amazing "Walking Dead" Ad Installation

by post_author

Link: What I’ve Got: Amazing “Walking Dead” Ad Installation

I don’t even watch this show, but this awesome ad is pretty close to convincing me otherwise. The powers that be at Walking Dead decided to set up an installation in Union Station (Toronto, Canada) that counts down the days until the show is back on the air by hacking off a zombie finger each day.

The installation was supplemented with hired zombie actors who creepily freaked out passers-by (and, of course, took photos with them). You can watch a video of the installation in action here.

In my mind, this is about leveraging why people love zombie movies to begin with: when you tell a story about humans who become monsters, it feels close enough to home that it makes “monsters” relevant. This ad installation takes this a step further and introduces you to those zombies as you’re going about your routine day, while giving you a taste of the production value and sense of creepy satisfaction you will get from watching the show.

Plus, it’s just clever. It’s one of those cases where creativity and strategy align in such perfectly concentric circles that you end up enjoying being sold to because you applaud the design.

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