Challenge 2: The Marionette

by post_author

Link: Challenge 2: The Marionette

The Marionette

Simply put, hospital beds are not designed for the morbidly obese. The result? Potential asphyxiation when laying supine, dangerous transfers from one bed to another, patients sliding down beds, and inaccessible areas of the body due to fat getting in the way.

Our solution taps into a centuries-old intuitive design that has stood the test of time: marionettes. Our plan is to create a system that makes it easy to affix load-bearing titanium wires to any hospital bed, which can be spatially manipulated by simple, intuitive, marionette-like controls to open the patient’s airways and access difficult-to-reach parts of the body (with minimal training).

The comfortable, secure leather straps serve a duel purpose by also recording the patient’s vital signs. A mountaineering-style hookup system allows the medical team to connect the Marionette strings to any hospital bed, making this system adaptable to current hospital demands and facilitating our ability to quickly roll out into hospitals across the country.

Want to see the Marionette in action? Check it out.

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