Challenge #2: IDEO Gyrus Nasal Challenge

by post_author

Challenge for Wednesday, Feb 20 
On IDEO Gyrus Nasal Case Study:

What’s expected for Wednesday?
Build on what you did today. Do some rapid internet research around some of the ideas you’ve been mocking up, refine your prototypes a little (physically or digitally), write up the strategy behind your concept, and that is about the level of expected deliverables. Please submit these by midnight on Tue in the same way as in the past – via the Tumblr, but make sure it is a PDF and there is a way for us to download the file the night before. Our agenda on Wed will be: 1) quick ‘What I’ve Got’ discussion of desirability examples you’ve seen in the past week or two; 2) presentations; 3) new case (will be app-related).

What if I’m stuck? 
Think of analogical examples related to what you thought about today – what other situations do people have extreme relationships to airway obstruction, tables or beds that need to accommodate new needs, or tools that need to be longer or workarounds need to be sanitized better? How are those dealt with?

Talk to a health professional – many of them, even if they work in a very different area, are aware that rising obesity rates present challenges to hospitals and care. They’ll likely have thought about this, and have interesting insights for you. 

Pechakucha Presentation
We are going to try a modified Pechakucha format for this challenge.  A Pechakucha is a presentation style where the presenter has 20 slides, and each slide is displayed for 20 seconds, for a total duration of 6:40.  We will do half of a Pechakucha, so have between 5-10 slides, and we will advance each at about 20 seconds in to keep the presentations at 3 minutes length.  This is not to stress you out about the presentation, but rather to make sure that we respect each team’s time and can give everyone the same amount attention while they present without having to rush anything.  To see the fun that a Pechakucha can be, go to  Please reach out to the teaching staff with any questions!

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