I found this pen through a friend whose sister was still in high school and thought that this was the perfect tool that’s bridging the traditional and the modern in terms of textbook learning. Shaped after a traditional highlighter, the c-pen has the functionality of a highlighter  but brings it to the next level by not harming the textbook while transferring the data quickly and seamlessly into a word document which can later be sent, re-read, and modified. In an academic world in which computers, e-books, and other computerized learning are catching on, this pen seems desirable in that it’s bringing the old school up to speed and showing that traditional text book can still be integrated into this new system. However, what may be interesting is that since it is so easy to change book into word document now, and highlighting doesn’t necessarily need to harm the actual text, this product may also bring about the death of the textbook as a final push towards the wave of digital learning.