Challenge 1: The Bamboo Cocoon

by post_author

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The bamboo cocoon unites architecture and fashion design in one dynamic experience. Moving from the Boston Common to Central Park and all around the nation, a semi-permanent cocoon structure will showcase Black Belt Bamboo products and international couture using bamboo fiber as its source and inspiration.  

This exhibition will focus on bamboo as a technical and aesthetic force, melding the artistic disciplines of fashion, architecture, and product design.  The exhibition will be held in a tessellating cocoon made primarily from Black Belt Bamboo that is easily assembled in varying public garden and park locations across the country.   In the structure, there will be a permanent exhibition showcasing bamboo products (some for purchase!), from tech accessories to furniture, but the main event is a fashion show, held several times in each location, featuring couture bamboo fiber designs by artists and designers. 

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