Challenge 1: Desirable Bamboo


Project Evolve: Looking toward a new future, while staying true to our roots.

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Exhibition Brief: Project Evolve examines the changing landscape of Alabama’s economy and culture and aims to ensure that these changes are still rooted in their southern ancestry. Our exhibit looks at strength, flexibility, sustainability, and versatility to illustrate how these factors have guided Alabama’s culture in the past and will continue to guide Alabama into the future. Our challenge lies in integrating elements of the past with those of the present to shape a future transformation that remains both honest and authentic.

Brand Benefit: 
Throughout our exhibit, visitors will have the opportunity to visit the past and the future of Alabama as we juxtapose traditional and iconic Alabamian culture with new designs. These designs will use bamboo as the main medium, and each room in the exhibit will highlight one of the following four characteristics: strength, flexibility, sustainability, and versatility. The four different rooms will show bamboo’s versatility and the various ways in which everyday products can be portrayed in a light of luxury while still showing Alabama’s strong culture. Through partnering with well established high-end brands, we add an element of accessibility, while creating a connection between bamboo, Alabama, and luxury.

We decided to model Project Evolve off of the Swarovski’s maximum creative control model while giving the designers a basic guideline. We did not want to limit our designers’ artistic freedom, which is often an all too restrictive paradigm of commissioned work. However, these partnerships between local Alabamian artists and well-known designers from around the world were carefully selected in order to add both indigenous and global perspective.


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