Idea: Sustainable couture bamboo packaging made in Alabama and meant to be enjoyed, not disposed of.

Exhibit: Christmas window displays at Barneys featuring American Designers and Bamboo packaging

“It’s not just packaging, its a revolution… all good things should come in bamboo packages”

Our exhibit will forge a lasting connection between Barneys, the bamboo producers in the Black Belt of Alabama, and American designers. As an iconic and luxurious department store famous for its innovative displays, Barneys will ensure that bamboo packaging garners both immense attention and popularity in a short time scale. Because our vision for bamboo comprises a revolution in the way gifts and products are given, distributed and exchanged, we anticipate that our exhibit and intended partnership with Amazon could make the bamboo of Black Belt immensely desirable. The heightened demand for bamboo would provide jobs and increase revenue for the area. In addition, our concept of bamboo packaging as part of the product could have positive ramifications for the environment, considering how much paper and plastic packaging is discarded every year.  


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