Bamboo Challenge FAQ’s

by post_author

Who is the Audience?

Keep in mind two audiences which you will have to ‘pitch.’ 1) The museum curator/funder and 2) The audience.

This means you have a few major areas to develop–the strategy and the branding–which should give an example of the public’s experience.

Level of Detail?

You need to have a clear, compelling, and well-thought out strategy for the proposed exhibit and experience. Your presentation should sell the idea and make it memorable so it stands out from other presentations. Quality presentations will have clear strategy as well as go into detail on how the exhibit and experience will work. To be efficient with your time, clarify strategy first, then spend your time on details. 

You dont have a lot of time so making decisions about how much to show to demonstrate the quality of those ideas is critical.

What’s included in the presentation?

You will have 2-3 minutes to give your presentation. Your slides should include:

-Your 100 word pitch

-A promotional visualization (eg. an invitation, the event poster, etc.)

-Optional Slides– how else to build the case/be convincing is up to you.

Again– aim for developing something memorable–you will be up against other groups working on the same challenge. How will your work stand out?

Can I get feedback?

You can ask the teaching staff for feedback on your idea…. you don’t need to take it though…. figuring out which advice to take is part of the process!

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