What I’ve Got: Simple Desirability

by post_author

Clear Umbrellas 

The design of this product twists practicality and simplicity and creates desirability. It solves the age-old problem of the conventional umbrella: the tension between more face coverage seeking and wanting to be able to see ahead. Now, one can pull this umbrella down over the face while looking through clear plastic to clear obstacles ahead. Further, this umbrella can protect hairstyles and, because the points are generally lower and at a downward angle, the yearly rate of umbrella eye casualties is reduced. Finally, this umbrella allows the user to look up into the sky during precipitation and see the beauty of the rain falling without getting soaked.

Bonsai Trees

There is something so serene and desirable about bonsai trees. Perhaps, it is the unexpectedness of seeing what looks like an aged, fully developed tree growing out of a pot smaller than a cereal bowl.  Alternatively, the desirability of bonsai trees could be derived from the unique opportunity to see an everyday sight in a new way: reduced in size but up close. Bonsai trees are also foreign, exotic and unusual and this increases their cultural caché and creates an air of exclusivity around owning one. 

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