With the increasing quality of iPhone cameras, it seems like often, they are the only cameras anyone carries around any more.  While some are content to just snap pictures or maybe add an Instagram filter, the sheer number of photography related camera apps seems to indicate that people are looking for something more, and attempting to turn iPhone photography into an art form rather than just a shareable commodity. 


1.  The Olloclip 

The olloclip is a simple device that clips onto an iPhone camera lens and enhances the pictures taken with the camera.  The clip includes lenses for fisheye and wide-angle photos, and a macro lens for close-up detail shots.  The clip takes the existing, widely used iPhone camera and turns it into something not just desirable, but almost almost professional, giving serious devotees of the iPhone camera a new way to hone their skills. 


2.  Lomography Film Scanner

The lomography film scanner may not be the most widely useful device, but it is nonetheless extremely cool, and a new way to use and think about film.  The scanner is able to read 35mm film from classic analog cameras and convert it into an iPhone photo.  The lomography film scanner takes the classic analog film and converts it into something more easily shared, or even printed, providing an alternative to developing the photos at a photo store, which are increasingly difficult to find.  Furthermore, with Instagram and other apps, people spend large amounts of time attempting to make their iPhone pictures look “retro.”  This allows for a more authentic photo experience, with similarly shareable results.