1) The Arcade Fire’s promotional music film experience:


Go see this if you haven’t. Its incredible. I was blown away. This is an interactive media project developed by famed director Chris Milk to promote the Arcade Fire’s newest album. It integrates, film, technology, design and music in a way I’ve never seen before AND it has an element of personalization to it. What makes this desirable is that it is both personalized and novel. People share the experience of watching the film and indirectly introduce the Arcade fires music to a new audience. 

2)The “Man” RIng


There is a MacGyver quality to this product that I love. This is a titanium ring with a swissarmy knife arsenal of tools attached to it in a discreet way. They are custom made to size and not mass produced giving the customer a sense of individuality. The sheer novelty of it makes it desirable. It is a functional twist on the on trend titanium ring for men.