HStudio is a furniture design company that strives to create original, elegant, hip, and sophisticated pieces that are works of art in themselves. The company has been experimenting with various types of materials and has incorporated Swarovski crystals in many of their designs. What is very clever about HStudio is the notion of using/taking advantage of the success of an already successful brand (Swarovski) and creating a completely new product. 

A particular product, the “Sasha Bed,” is desirable in terms of the way it is being advertised. The elegant tufting with Swarovski crystals hints at a more romanticized/sensual image of the bed.  The use of the wrinkled sheets juxtaposed with the elegance of the bed allows the average consumer to see themselves using the product (a very important marketing strategy). The subtle use of the electric guitar symbolizes liberation and freedom ─ triggering a powerful emotional promise and emotional payoff to its consumers. The Unique Selling Proposition (U.S.P.) for the product is the use of Swarovski, customization, and inventive use of materials(acrylic legs). The fact that the bed uses Swarovski dramatically increases its desirability. It may have not been as desirable if it did not have the crystals and/or the crystals were not made by Swarovski. The product is positioned against its competition because of its exclusivity, creative marketing, and brand strategy.