Challenge #1: Desirable Alabamian bamboo / Swarovski Digital Crystal

by post_author

Challenge for Monday, Feb 11 
On Swarovski Digital Crystal Exhibit:
  • Additional Article in Whitewall Magazine

  On Alabamian bamboo: 

Tips on the challenge:

  • Obviously you should think beyond these links – they are just a starting point.
  • Bamboo and Alabama are not typically branded as luxury. What might you learn from the Swarovski and Design Museum case that could change this?
  • If you propose partnerships, be prepared to discuss why the parties would want to do this / why it would be desirable for them.

Tips on moving quickly and productively:

  • Set clear goals and discuss what the output will likely cover
  • Divide work by competency and schedule, set roles where possible (e.g. research, visual mockups, exhibition pitch, strategy paragraphs, etc)
  • Expose yourselves to more diverse stimuli early on
  • Set up transparency (shared docs where possible) so you can trust you are each making good progress
  • Use constraints to make fast progress (constraints in terms of focus, materials, format, etc.)
  • Try multiple approaches at first, but don’t get too precious about which one goes forward. 
  • Decide when to decide on one design. And stick to it. 
  • Support each other rather than suspect or doubt each other

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